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"Power One" Plan - 5.9¢ per minute for state to state calls from your home or business.  

    - Power One In-State Rate:        / per minute
    - Power One State to State:                                        
        5.9¢     / per minute           
    - International / per minute                                                

"Power Dial" -   No need to change your long distance service. Your domestic rate is 5.9¢ per minute. Calls are originated via a toll free number, then you dial direct. 
    - Power Dial In-State Rate:         / per minute
- Power Dial State to State:                                                     5.9¢  / per minute

Toll Free - All toll free calls have a 5.9¢ rate per minute. All inbound calls are billed on your monthly invoice. You can also order a stand alone toll free number.

Calling Card11.9¢ per minute for domestic calls  *Payphone calls carry surcharges".

Internet - $14.95 per month on one combined monthly invoice.

We have no contracts, no term agreements, no minimums, and no commitment on your part. We provide service to our customers on a non-commitment basis, because our goal is to produce the quality of service you are accustomed to or are looking for, at the best prices in the marketplace. We feel we have to earn your business. If you have any questions call us Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5PM  Tel: 1-866-246-7736         

All Power Net services share the same international rate.

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